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I purchase some Grippers from Tetting and wanted to share my opinions. I purchased 2 Elites with 4.5” handles, one of them has the spring set about 1/8” higher than the other to make it easier to have some progression. I also purchased a SE with a 9” handle.

My impressions:

1) Quality - Excellent

2) Difficulty

- Elite w/ 4.5” handles Spring set higher - a Little easier than my 2K4 IM#2

- Elite w/ 4.5” handles Spring set normal - a Little easier than my Double stamped IM#3

a lot easier than my 2K4 IM#3

- SE 9" handle on 1 side regular handle on the other side- perfect for negatives.

I have talked with a couple of people who mentioned the correct way to use the 9” handle is to mount it in something so you can lean your bodyweight into it to get it closed and then ease off to perform the negative. I off course decided that I did not want to mount it and wanted to use it wherever I want. So here is how I use it I hope this makes sense. I put the 9” handle side down on the chair between my legs (or the floor) and the regular handle up. I take my free hand and hold the spring. The gripper will be at a 45-degree angle. I grab with the gripping hand and lean into it to close it (pulling back on the spring with my free hand and driving the 9” part into the floor or chair) using my bodyweight to assist. I then release my bodyweight (slowly) and lift the gripper off the floor so I have the full force of the negative. I am able to easily set the negative and concentrate on holding on for dear life, and able to do more reps because of this. Doing this with my 2K4 was futile, as I could not set the thing very well.

The 4.5” elites are great as you can choke up on them to increase the difficulty. I use these as training tools and feel the offer a lot of versatility.

Special thanks to JeffPeterson :rock and Zcor (genius who originally asked Tetting to make this type of gripper based on an improvement to something Kinney wrote) who were very helpful, hope they do not mind that I mentioned their names.

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that sounds good, the way you do the neg's. i do it the normal way; in a hole in the wall, but pull it out of the hole when shut. cause, no matter how much weight you feel your taking off, your still making easier. so are way's of doing it seem most benificial.

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