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EVENTS FOR Worlds Strongest Grip

Tom of Iowa2

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Out of these 10 choices what 7 events would YOU choose?

If -In Your Opinion- the best 7 events to test World Strongest Grip- aren't available in the above POLL choices then vote for the ones you DO agree with on and then list your other choices.

Someone with some big balls can e-mail this thread or print this out and FAX this to Hugo. :help

I think this forum is well qualified to give some input.

OR just vote for the hell of it. :cool

Whoops the Poll won't take multiple votes.please remove my Poll?

IT actually started with good intentions.Sorry for the hassel.

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Well my POLL didn't work.


What 7 events would you choose-to determine World Strongest Grip- from the following events:

Maximum Gripper Close(i.e.who can close the toughest gripper)

Gripper for Reps(stout -#3 or better-gripper to be closed for MAX reps)

HAMMER GRIPPER finger tip hold(500lbs for time)

Rolling Thunder(Maximum)

IM Big Block Pinch(Maximum)

Blob hold(for time)

Maximum Blob lift(blob with weight attached for Maximum)

2 Hand pinch (maximum

Over hand AXLE hold (for time)

Thick Handled Farmers Implements (Suitcase style,300# a side for time,short range of motion on the lift off-to not make it a back/hip strnength event)

Hercules Hold(time)

INCH replica (Hold for time)

Ring-dinnie style- Lift (maximum weight)

Vertical bar lift(maximum weight)

Calibrated 'Dyno'(gipping 'measurement'in Kilos or lbs)

Wrist Roller :rock (maximum weight)

Plate Curl(repetitions with a #35)

Two handed Reverse Wrist Curl(maximum weight)

"Short'Steel bar bend(like the Challenge bars)

Long Steel Bar bend(like they used to do in WSM)

Hub style lift(maximum weight)

I didn't list my favorite events as they might limit some 'grip competitors'that lack the overall body strength to perform them?Such as:Farmers Implement deadlift for maximum.The INCH replica Clean and Push press.The appollon Axle clean and Press.IMO,The one armed Maxes that test like Ring lift,Rolling THunder,etc. are affected by body strength....but somewhat less so?

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Well, the events that has reached some international acceptance in the national qualifiers and European championships seem to be an obvious start.

(gripper, bending,one arm lift, v-bar, pinch) all done with fairly thin or variable settings to suit any hand size.


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I think the North Americans would all rather commit collective suicide before adopting any European standard. Seriously, Rick's BFGS has several events in common with the European new standard which is a good start.

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I agree with the European grip standards and I live in the USA. I'd love to participate in David Horne's competition one day, maybe in the future.

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I think the first competition using all the European standard events will be the Löddeköpinge Grip Challenge XI on May 1. Remember several of the standard implements used can be purchased at a fairly low cost. The LGC v-bar replica is about $ 35 + shipping (order from Arne Persson) whereas the one hand handle is roughly the same (order from David Horne). The adjustable width pinch set up costs a bit more but would allow direct comparison with the best in Europe. Arne Persson is soon getting the pinch set up for the Löddeköpinge competition. He opted for the 6 mm outer iron plates pair (obviously), four 10 mm rubber plates and three 6 mm rubber plates. This will allow numerous width settings that will suite all hand sizes (e.g., 48mm, 52mm, 54mm, 58mm, 60mm, 64mm, and 70mm). From my own experience I think I will be at my strongest at 64mm but time will tell. I will have lots of fun finding out. Unlike the "fairbar" concept this is truly fair. In thickbar lifting it basically gets easier the thinner the handle gets (until is cuts through your hand), whereas this is not the case in pinching.

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maximum gripper

short bend


two hand pinch

ring Dinnie style

wrist roller

calibrated dyno

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