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David Ostlund

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When I first started looking for graded bolts at the hardware stores around the Twin Cities I had a tough time time finding what I wanted. I found these two websites and though I'd save people some time if they are having similar problems. I am in no way affilliated with them, but found them very useful.


You can get all your graded bolts here and there is no minimun order requirement.


They have all kinds of stock from HR and CR steel to aluminum, bronze, titanium, copper, hex, square, rectangular, etc. etc.

Also no minimum order requirement.

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On a local not, there's a place in Roseville called "The Metal Supermarket" that's supposed to have pretty much anything you want. I gotta think shipping on steel could start sucking in a hurry.

It's a national chain, store locator on their website. Worth checking to see what might be nearby. Pexter told me to just buy what they have vs having them cut specific lengths, cuz they have a cutting charge I guess.

I think Jeff Ford mentioned a place (Discount Steel?) but I don't know anything about it.

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Does anyone from Australia know where to get bending stock in Sydney?

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At the onlinemetals site they also have cutting charges unless you order your stock in about 5 foot lengths. I'll just use a bolt cutter to get the lengths I want. The shipping didn't seem that bad on my order. I ordered mostly 1/4" stock in different metals. I've heard of Discount Steel but not The Metal Supermarket. I'll have to check these out.

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Great links, I love onlinemetals already! 3/16" hrs, round and square, is easy for me down to 5". Timber ties from HD are also pretty easy, down to 5". BUT, I can't touch 7" 1/4" round and it's driving me nuts :whacked

So, looking at the world famous yield chart (http://home.insight.rr.com/strongman/yields2.html), I used your links to "fill in the gaps". Here's what I got, even w/ shipping (coast to coast) this is pretty cheap for 48 feet of metal!! Thanks again, I'm reborn w/ my bending now that I have no shot of closing the #3 anytime soon. Now that I'm reviewing this, I think I f'd up ordering 3/8" steel! It was suppossed to be Aluminum, oh well........

Qty Description - Size Price Total

2 Mild Steel 1018 Cold Finish Square 0.25" Cut to: 48" $0.95 $1.90

1 Mild Steel A36 Hot Roll Round 0.25" Cut to: 48" $0.95 $0.95

2 Mild Steel A36 Hot Roll Round 0.375" Cut to: 48" $1.88 $3.76

2 Brass 360 H02 Round 0.25" Cut to: 48" $2.40 $4.80

1 Brass 360 H02 Round 0.3125" Cut to: 48" $3.86 $3.86

2 Brass 360 H02 Square 0.25" Cut to: 48" $2.86 $5.72

1 Aluminum 6061-T6 Bare Extruded Square 0.375" Cut to: 48" $2.51 $2.51

1 Aluminum 6061-T6 Bare Extruded Round 0.3125" Cut to: 48" $1.46 $1.46

Shipping Cost: $12.67

Cut Fee: $0.00

Subtotal: $24.96

Tax: $0.00

Total Sale: $37.63

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UPDATE: They replaced the 3/8" HR steel that I ordered by mistake w/ 3/8" Aluminum no problem. Great guys, they got the order this morning and shipped this afternoon, not too shabby for 12*4 foot rods of various types. They have a 5% off discount program for refering friends, I think you both get it. My Home Depot doesn't have have this stuff, esp. square Al or bronze, CRS also.

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