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I Need Help Guys

Guest londonbeast

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Guest londonbeast

Im in no way a powerlifter or strongman . Im an 18 year old bodybuilder . Im an elite member of the bodubuilding.com forums but i feel u guys can help me out .

I am very strong but my crushing ability is poor . I can deadlift 380lbs no problem for 5 reps but when it comes to shaken peoples hands i get crushed .

My hands are small anyway but i wana be able to crush and uncles hand as his always crushing mine.

help guys .

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well, to stop him while your training, simply, hold your index out...it should be pointing down his wrist. and he will not crush your hand anymore! :rock

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"- "How to train so I can hurt people when shaking hands?"

If you want to hurt people while shaking hands, kick them in the shin as you shake hands. You'll hurt them more, it will take a lot less training, and it is just as rude. You will get yelled at if you ask this question on the gripboard."

-Wannagrip's FAQ

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