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Is ayone getting real close to closing the #4?


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Currently, no one in the world is capable of

closing the #4. As soon as a second person

closes a #4, the immediate question of calibration

will come into the spotlight: Was Kinney's #4

harder than the other person's?

Hopefully Kinney will have his calibrated before

this happens; by whom it will happen remains


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Wanna bet Joe. :) :)

I know of someone who has the potential in the next 6 months to bag the big one.

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It's over 520in-lbs.

Maybe one of the guys who has talked to Joe Kinney a lot could ask him to send his #4 gripper to PDA.  Maybe they could explain the magnititude of what it means for him to get it measured.

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Clever. It's over 520 inch pounds. So is it 600 ? or,

perhaps 521?

Did PDA offer the result that it 'was over 520 inch


Did you think if you offered the specific number, that

little munchkins that we are, we would check the post

that had to do with calibration results to see who had

that calibration?

You're right.

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Joe Kinney has nothing to prove...

if his 4 was less than the new (soon to be) closers 4 then that could only damage his rep as the king of crush

especially since he cannot train at his old level to improve the ip that he could close....it would be interesting to be able to compare numbers though...

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No, Joe Kinney has nothing to prove: he was the

first to close a #4. By a few years, the first.

But if the IGC gets going, hopefully one of the

functions will be to document achievements. And

given the variations in the grippers, we are now in

a stance like the runner who says he can run a

sub four minute mile. How sub?

It may be that Mr. Kinney's gripper turns out to be

the highest tested gripper PDA has yet evaluated.

It may be that his first #4, the one that was stolen,

may have been even tougher than his current one.

But since that first one was not calibrated either,

that measurement is lost.

I am just saying, if his current #4 is not calibrated

then his monumental achievement will be

vaguely relegated to broad range that a #4

encompasses, and I for one would like to know

the facts of the matter.

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To be honest, I think there are a couple guys right now with the potential to hit the big one in a year's time.  

I don't want say who it is.  Let's let them train hard and quietly...just like Joe did. :)

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I don't know anything about Joe Kinney.  Can someone answer these questions for me?

Are there any pics of him about?

How old is he?

How long has he trained grip?

Before he closed the #4 how long had he been training on the CoC's?

Why does he not come on the board?

Sorry if these questions have been answered before.  I have searched all over the web for him but found nothing.

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My best effort recently is 3/4 of an Inch. Distractions allowing I aim to have it to fractions by the new year.

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Possibly... Truth be known that I and I suspect other CoC have had access to and some training on a No 4 for ages. I used to, on occasion, try Joe K's suggestion of negatives with the gripper above the one you want to do.

All I do now, having done a few singles with my tough No 3 (compared to DH's and Simon Lodges) is take the 4 and crush and hold. Some days its an inch and others 3/4's

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Guest 77-1005097254

Steve. Good going.Your ahead of me, as I have gotten  to 1.25" away. My no4 is an absolute beast! or so it seems to me. I have just started focusing on the grippers again after all the competition stuff.Getting all inspired after Heath Sexton's amazing crushing display.

I suppose I will have to get my no3 calibrated,I just hope it is not at the lower end of the scale. I have to say its somewhat deflating to find out your no3 is possibly not what you thought it was.

Well, even if it is not, I will get one that is higher calibrated and clamp it.

Keep up the great work Steve.

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I appreciate the votes of confidence guys, but Steve, David, Nick, the Gillinghams, Baraban, and I'm sure I've let some people out, are all making runs as well.  I would like to be next, but it's gonna be a loooong road.  Thanks for mentioning me with the outstanding group mentioned above. :)  

(Edited by Bearcat 74 at 11:50 pm on Oct. 17, 2001)

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The only problem I have is other weight related ambitions. I work best, or so it seems, if I focus on one thing. General BB training keeps me in condition but having the one lift I want to do well on helps a lot.

Right now I have Seni 2002 and possibly next years Iron Grip comp. This means I am doing R/Thunder work, Two-hand pinch grip work (made 70 kilos easy - have 100+ in mind), Gripper work, Vertical Bar Lift, One hand lifts and thick handled db work.

Thanks to those who gave compliments. I would be happy to be the first in the UK. I am also convinced that it will be someone from this board - we have had huge success!

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Guest Dave Pugh

I predict that the next person to close the #4 will be Jim Wylie.  As you may have seem from his post he closed the #3 last Sunday after only 3 months of training.  He has the biggest hands I have ever seen, which to me is a big advantage.  6 months of structured training, eating and rest will see him do it.

Go get it Jim

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I don't think so Dave! I certainly intend to keep training on grippers but there are a lot of people out there who are getting close and I'm not one of them, not by a long shot.  Maybe in a couple of years....maybe!

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