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My CoC #3 calibrated

Guest StrongerthanArne

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Where did you get it?  And WHEN?  :)

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Guest StrongerthanArne

I bought it from IronMind in june this year and it was calibrated seasoned. We will use it for the Löddeköpinge Grip Challenge II on the 8th of December. We are going to use at least five calibrated grippers for this competition including a 286 ip (CoC #2), 330 ip (SOS), 366 (SOS), 396 (CoC #3) and a 410 ip (CoC #3). Arne Persson might order another two or three SOS grippers between 300 and 380 ip so we could have as many as eight calibrated grippers available on the competition day, ranging from an average CoC #2 (286 ip) to an average CoC #3 (410 ip). We are simply going to add the inch poundage for the left and right hand. For example if one closes a 396 ip gripper with the right hand and a 330 ip gripper with the left hand then the total score is 726 ip. The other two events are going to be pinch (62 mm width) and Rolling Thunder (both events with both right and left hand, so there is no hiding place for the weaker hand).

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