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Wilfred j. diamond


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Wilfred J. Diamond was born Nov 29, 1883 in

Liverpool, England, and later wrote some articles

for Joe Weider (who turns 79 today).

Diamond visited Thomas Inch to demonstrate his

strength to Inch, but Inch refused to add more weight

to the bar thus preventing himself from being a witness

to Diamond's maximum level of strength. Wilfred made

no mention of Inch at that time challenging him with

any thick handled dumbells.

Wilfred's brother had fingers of equal length which gave

him a very powerful grip, and he tormented Wilfred

by firmly grasping him by the wrist and not letting go. So

Wilfred studying wrestling to learn to break the hold.

Diamond wrote a three part series on Thomas Inch for

Weider's MUSCLE POWER (Sep 1947, Jan, Feb 1948), and

a three parter for the same mag on Alexander Zass

(Samson) in Jun,Jul,Aug 1948. These articles were not

included in the list posted in the FAQ section, but they

include many points of interest to grip fans.

Diamond died in 1969.

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