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Help for a Newbie


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hey everybody im new to this grip training stuff and the reason why i wanna grip train is so i can palm a basketball off the dribble. i also play football. another thing is i wanted to know if anybody cam palm a basketball real good and you have small hands. so if anybody could give me a good routine it would be very appriciated. also when you grip train will it make your hands larger like your fingers. my last question is does your grip strength improve real fast like your leg strength or chest strength.

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I'm going to try and help you out here.

- if you have never specifically trained your grip and do it seriously, yes, progress will be fast (in the beginning)

- no hands do not really get larger (or barely)

- if you want strength to palm a basketball, I'd say train pinching large objects; for example: do 6 hard sets twice a week (after warm up). for strength do short intense sets. you could train other forms of hand strength like crushing, wrists, etc... following the same principle to complete your hand strength.

these are simply indications of what has worked for me. find what suits you best

train hard,


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This might sound funny but will be just the

trick! Buy a hockey puck (can get them for 99

cents) Drill a 3/8 inch hole thru the

center.attach a 3/8 eyebolt in hole in puck

and put a stout S hook in the eye bolt. A

short length of chain to hold plates and for

under 5 bucks you have one really cool hub

type lifter. Works all fingers in the manner

you need for palming a ball! RS621

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I had another idea. Instead of using plates

tie an empty gallon milk jog to the eyebolt

ring and add a few small rocks each day for

hub lifting on your grip puck. About the time

you can lift the jug filled up.......well

THEN try that basketball! RS621

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Mr. Sorin,

You're idea about drilling a hole through a hockey puck

and attaching an eyebolt in it sounds very interesting.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'd like to know what exactly are

you supposed to do with this "hub type" lifter? I don't really know what a "hub" is, and that is why I ask.

Are you just supposed to lift the thing to the air and pinch it for as long as you can?

Thanks for your time

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The "hub" that Mr. Sorin is talking about is the center of a weight plate (usually a 45 pound plate).  The center is the part where you put your fingers around it and lift it horizontally.  This is very difficult - hence, it is a challenge.  The "hub" allows you to start with a weight you can lift, and increase it as you build your pinch strength.  Credit RS with the hockey puck idea.... I think I'll try that one myself!


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Thanks for the reply. I'm still not 100% sure how exactly am I supposed to use the hub lifter. So let me get this straight; I pinch grip the puck and just let it hang by my legs. And from this position I lift it horizontally, right?

So what is the difference between this exercise and plate curls? And how high should I lift the thing?

Do you know of any sites that might have pictures of someone performing this lift?

Once again, thanks to you for your help and to Mr. Sorin for what seems to be an excellent idea.

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instead of pinching the puck you are picking it up with the flat sides facing your palm and the floor.

Like grabbing a beer mug from the top instead of using the handle.

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