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Feat of Strength

Guest Marcus Gripa

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Guest Marcus Gripa

Has anybody tried to carry a bag of coins that weighted 32lbs for a distance of 1 mile?  I read about this feat in John Brookfield's book.  I am thinking of trying this test once the weather clears up.  Any thoughts on how to train for this task?

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Guest woody36



       I imagine the best way would be to take the

 mile in stages,first the 14 then 12 and so on.

i dont know how strong your grip is but this is more of

 feat of endurance,youre going to have a lot of

 lactic acid buildup in the forearms and the pain is going to be immense.

 I would use one day a week to overload on the lift

if you use 60-80lbs or more for short distances

   200metres or so in relay fashion then 32lbs should

feel light in comparison.Get an idea of how long it

takes to walk the mile and then hold the bags for the

 equivalent length of time.Youre bound to get more

ideas from the guys on the board,i wish you luck

  all the best.


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Guest AghastGrip


I'd say the best way to train for an event like that would be to just pick up the bag, and walk as far as you possibly can with it, and then try to improve on your distance.

A big part of something like that would be the mental fatigue, even more than the physical. You'll have to endure a lot of pain and burning from acid like woody mentioned! I have a feeling that once you start training for it though, you'll see great improvements because you'll get used to the weight. Let us know how you do!

Good luck!

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Ive never tried that before, but when I use to work at GNC a guy bought โ worth of stuff in mostly pennies. I think he had carried the bag all around the mall.



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