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It seems you know a lot about how to's with equipment, I just brought a set of plates and the center holes are too small for my old barbell.  How can I enlarge the holes on the plates?  Thanks.

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Thanks for holding me in high regard, hardly deserved though, the point of my site is to show what can be quite easily made. :D

Regarding your plates, how small is too small. If its only a whisper you could try using a round file, it would be one #### of a hand/forearm workout. The other option, again if its only a small amount would be to use a 'dremel' type tool or a rotary burr tool in a drill, both would grind the steel away quicker than filing.

If the holes are way out I'd take the plates along to a local fabrication/engineering workshop where I'm sure they would help you out by drilling the holes bigger, probably for a small fee though. The other option to save future hassle would be to take the bar to the same firm and have the ends turned down to fit the plates, or easiest of all buy a new bar  :p  :D

Hope this helps and good luck.


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