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Hello everybody!


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How I found this board...

I found it while searching the net for "forearm training" because I wanted to improve my armwrestling ability. Now I'm addicted to armwrestling and an every-day reader of the Gripboard.

I bought the Trainer, #1 and #2. Closed #1 2nd workout, it was a matter of technique. Only closed #2 around 10 times since I got it, because my hands need to be extremelly hot for me to achive this!

My routine...

Twice a week:

- armwrestling

- thick handle hammer or table curls (faillure w/ 22kg)

- wrist curls (around 2x30reps w/ 14kg and 1x8reps w/ 22kg)

- thick handle hammer or table curls (faillure w/ 22kg)

- other wrist moves

- grippers (#1 static holds, rep-out w/ Trainer)

My measurements... (just another way to track progress)

bodyweight 63Kg

forearm circunference (full extended) 32cm

wrist circunference 18cm

I want to thank you all for sharing such a valuable information for all of us...

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Guest steiner1014

:) Wecome to the club Herc.   Hope you have fun sharing all this interesting info with us....feel free to express your views on any and all subjects.

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Guest CanadaCrush

Hi Hercules. Where are you from and what is your background in armwrestling? Ranking etc. There are a few armwrestlers on the board, myself included. Congratulations on closing the two. There are few armwrestlers I have seen close it, and I've given it to many pullers.


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Thanks for the kind words, I'm already feeling at home...

Nice links JSallee, if you like armwrestling you could check this ones out: http://www.armwrestling.onweb.cx/ and http://www.armwrestling.com

Strongman - I've bent some nails(easy ones) but I fear for my wrist (I need it very much for armwrestling), I'll post a new topic on an idea that I've had that will probably interest you...later

CanadaCrush - I'm from Portugal, there's no armwrestling here, but I once went to tournament with the big ones from Europe, including Pascal Girard! Lost all matches :).Since that day I knew what armwrestling is all about....(needless to say all that day was spent asking questions). I wish I had the great Tony Senger to help me....

I hope I'll contribute to make this board even better!

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