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Carryover of armlifting exercises

povmaciulis ARMLIFTING

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I will participate in armlifting competition soon and it will have 4 events: Apollons Axle, Rolling Thunder, LBH and Coc Silver Bullet.

Which ones should I train most to get better results in all 4 events?

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You should train all of them, Axle to me is the most important and I would probably focus on it more but if you want to perform good at them all, practice them all. Grippers and thick bar can interfere with progressing if both done hard, I would keep gripper work lighter, work more on the technique maybe do some reps, submaximal silver bullet holds, as the exercise is very fatiguing and doing more thick bar work will benefit all other 3 exercises more than grippers would.

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You can probably get away without training the LBH if you’re short on time and focus more so on the axle and RT, using several weeks to ramp up weight whilst lowering overall volume. I would practice technique on the setup for silver bullet moreso than the actual hold itself. 

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