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What Constitutes a Rep?


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Hi all, 

I've just returned to training with grippers to help with my deadlift.

I watch quite a number of youtube videos and am in awe of some of the feats I've seen. While viewing all these, a question has come up, "what would you constitue "a rep" for those who go beyong the strick single closing of the gripper?

I've seen evey thing from a TNS, to a CCS and smaller, even to one that would be barely open. My personal opinion would be at least parallel, I just wanted other peoples ideas.

Thanks, Merry Christmas to all!

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Reps are defined by what set distance was used, measured with block or eyeballed.

If someone states they closed a gripper but doesn't specify the set, with a more experienced person you can usually correctly assume it was a deep set or parallel ish, or with a beginner you can usually correctly assume it was a tns because they usually don't know about setting


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I train mainly on CCS or wider because I want strength in the whole motion, so doing parallel reps doesn't make sense. If you are training for a 20mm set then it doesn't make sense to do TNS'. Likewise a "rep" should be full ROM to and from whatever scale you are training for.

Partially it depends on hand size, as with average hand length a CCS is not comfortably locked into your hand, meaning TNS training can be quite useful when going for certs. On deeper sets where you are likely to have your hand properly wrapped around, TNS will have much less impact

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If someone were to claim they did X number of reps it would need more clarification to know what kind of reps they were. That being said, as you have pointed out there are different kinds of reps. They can all be counted as reps be it TNS, CCS, block, etc and any program should define the type of set needed just as a typical workout routine would define if partials were expected. With feat judging the set type is typically well defined and the same goes for a well written program.

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