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Hook Grip

Guest David Horne

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Guest 68-1005097157

Fellow Grip Men,

  I've only been training grip for a few months now, but my ultimate goal is to beat Goerner's insanely high one-handed deadlift.  The problem is, I currently use a pronated or mixed grip for holding a bar.  For those of you who have experience hooking, two questions:

1) How did you begin incorporating the hook (I assume, for instance, you did not start off hooking with max weight deadlifts)?  

2) Is there any danger of either dislocating the thumb from its socket or pulling off a nail - I'm not sure if the EXTREME pain I feel when hooking a weight as light as 225 lbs is natural or indicative of the onset of an injury (my thumbs usually emit a popping noise during these holds)?

Any information in this regard would be much appreciated.

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Guest JSallee

  While I am certainly not the expert on the hook grip, I have been using it a while.  I have not heard about any one having a popping noise, nor have I ever heard of anyone have trouble with a dislocation.  A lot of the guys that I introduce the hook grip to, experience extreme pain at first,  even "blood blister" type  bruising of the thumb.   Eventually you will develop the calluses to make this grip comfortable.  

  I can only suggest using the hook grip on all of your lifts and not just your heaviest sets.  

  I started using the hook grip at an early age (14), while olympic weightlifting, it feels more natural to me than any other grip.

   I hope this helps.


 Oh yeah, I did rip a thumbnail off on a missed snatch.



(Edited by JSallee at 10:32 pm on Oct. 24, 2001)

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