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Under the Spotlight - Grip Profiles - FRANCESCO UTURBIA


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I'm a few days late again, sorry folks.  Just finished filing the last of four briefs in a week (actually supervising all of them, none was my own, but that can actually be worse sometimes). And I really need to get in two more good grip workouts before AGP on September 16!  So apologies for the late profile.  I know this fella from the Grip Board and Instagram, but have never met him -- hope we fix that one of these days soon.  But it may be a while, because he's not from my country.  Hailing from Santiago, Chile, I present to you the venerable Francesco Uturbia, who tells us:

1. What are your stats?

    GripBoard name: pancho_grip_lift
    Age: 30
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 205lb
    Dominant hand, and hand size: Right handed, 8" from the first crease to the tip of my middle finger 
    Country/City: Chile, Santiago
    Relationship Status: Married
    Children: No
    Occupation: Bussiness analyst 

2. Why did you start training grip (and how long is it now)?

I started training grip in 2018 becouse after my participation on the IPF south american championships 2017 I decided to try something new, and a friend who's involved in strongman told me about grippers, and Ironmind equipment. At first it didn't call my attention but I had room to try a new discipline so I bought my first griptools from a local manufacturer, and never stopped training my grip ever since.

I really loved the fact that I just needed a loading pin, grip tools and the grippers and I could hit a good workout in my apartment whenever I wanted. And at the same time I discovered more about the sport on social media, and it was wonderful.

3. What are you most proud of accomplishing in grip already, and what is/are your grip goal/goals?

I'm proud to be the first chilean person to: enter to the mash monster ladder, to deep set a light #3,5 (168) and HG350 (174), to compete in the USA on a grip contest (Skillethands 2022 NY venue), and also the first to lift 345kg on the dinnie lift (hoping to lift the real Dinnies someday). I'm also the proud owner of the first york legacy blob from South America, thanks to Alex Guiha, Zach Mullins and Chaz Strange.

My goals this year are to certify on the GHP 7, to promote my first GSI sanctioned grip contest, and to develop gripsport in South America.

4. How do you currently structure your overall training/how do you incorporate your grip training?

My workout changes according to my current goal. When I have a grip competition, I usually train 2 or 3 disciplines each session, giving less emphasis to the grippers, and mixing the grip disciplines with barbell movements.

These days my main training focus is on grippers and blobs, so my routine consists in a barbell movement to wake up my CNS, followed by gripper training, starting with deep sets and clicks, followed by parallel closes and blockset closes. I do blobs after grippers and I finnish my training with arms and extensors.

I do grippers 5-7 days a week, and blobs like 3-4 times.

5. What hobbies (other than grip/bending/lifting) do you enjoy?

My second passion these days is to create gripsport content for South America on my project called Gripsport Latino, where I interview and translate grip information for al the spanish speaking community.

I also enjoy playing the electric guitar, riding my bicicle, and reading. 

6. Do you have a personal anecdote, topic or thoughts you'd like to include in your profile?

I'd like to thank all the gripboard team and grip community in general, becouse this is a welcoming sport which everyone can practice no matter their background or their country. I love the fact that it's easy to ask for guidelines and pointers online, even if you ask the legends of the sport like Nathan Holle or Jedd Johnson. 

And I also want to thank to my friend Tiziano Becchio from Italy who suggested me to be interviewed. He knows I love to make interviews for my podcast, but I also wanted to be "on the other side of the table" every once in a while 😁

7. Whose Grip profile would you like to see next?

The great Ben Helms (@denbouglas)

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Just now, Vinnie said:

My goals this year are to certify on the GHP 7, to promote my first GSI sanctioned grip contest, and to develop gripsport in South America.


Oh, with those gripper closes you will get the GHP 7 for reps ... might even manage the GHP 8!  Good luck.

And the other two goals are awesome, good luck with those as well.

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2 minutes ago, pancho_grip_lift said:

@Ben Helms you are next!!

Actually, I just messaged Ben to ask and he doesn't have to say yes of course (I've had others say they would rather not, or not yet), but hopefully he doesn't mind!

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