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What is a bb master?


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Hi, I'm new to the gripboard.  I have the ironmind grippers, but I have heard people here refer to modified grippers, bb master, and chinese grippers.  Where do  you purchase these grippers and what is the strength of these grippers?  I am just getting back into my grip training again, and I am thoroughly enjoying it.  I don't know how I ever got away from it!  Thanks

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Strongmitts, if you alter your grippers, then they could then be referred to as modified. Some members have lengthened the handles on a pair of grippers (to make them easier to close) and then gradually shorten the handles back to the original length. Other members have filed down the bottoms of the gripper handles to make them shorter (and harder to close).

The bb master is a BeefBuilder "Master" gripper. BeefBuilder is a competitor of Ironmind in the arena of grippers. Just as Ironmind carries 5 kinds of grippers (COC Trainer, COC #1, COC #2, COC #3, and COC #4), so does BeefBuilder (Beginner, Advanced, Master, Elite, and Super Elite).

Chinese grippers are inexpensive COC-like grippers that are made in China.


Modified grippers are are "normal" grippers modified by yourself.

You can purchase the Beef Builder hand grippers from Weightlifter's Warehouse. The cost is ร.99 each and if you buy 4 grippers (or more) there is no charge for shipping + handling. Here's a link to their web site: http://www.wwfitness.com/

Chinese grippers are available from http://lemleys.com/195lbhandgrip.html for ű each.

Strength of Grippers

Strongmitts, the strength of all of these grippers (yes, even those from Ironmind) varies wildly!!! So, the only way to have any good idea of how strong your gripper really is would be to take advantage of an excellent service that PDA is currently offering and have your gripper calibrated. Here's a link to PDA gripper testing service:  http://fractionalplates.com/equipment/equipment36.html

Train smart!


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Nice job of explaining it!  Couldn't have done better myself!


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I never would have thought that the ironmind grippers varied greatly in strength.  What about the #3?  Is it specially calibrated?  I thought ironmind had a high standard on this gripper.  Anyway, thanks for all the info.  I really appreciate it.  I think I will have my grippers calibrated.  

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Sybersnott, thank you for your kind words! I'm sure your writing skills far surpass my own - and I can't wait to read your book! If I may ask, how is your book coming along? When you publish, how much for an autographed copy?

strongmitts, I'm always glad to help! I recently had my COC grippers tested and just to give you an idea of the strength range of Ironmind's COC #3 gripper, PDA has found that the Closure Torque (inch-pounds) varies from 292-504! If we convert these numbers (by dividing by 2.375), we find that it takes anywhere from 123-212 lbs. of pressure to close them. My COC #3 requirers 181 lbs. which makes it a little tougher than average to close, but I have a COC #2 that is harder to close (128 lbs.) than the easiest COC # 3 (123 lbs.).  So, without testing, you won't know if your COC #3 is "easy" or super hard to close!


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