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The Dinnie Stones are Lifted!

Kevin Fulton

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I just returned a few days back from a wonderful trip to Scotland/Ireland.  I competed in the IAWA world champ's in Glasgow where I won both the open and masters division in my weight class.

The day following the competition a van load of lifters including myself traveled the 3 hours NE of Glasgow to the site of the Dinnie Stones.  I was excited about seeing the countryside and the stones but felt I had very little chance of lifting them.  The 2 day- 8 lift competition had taken it's toll and I had done very little heavy training for the last 2 months prior to the competiton due to long work hours.  Suprisingly, I lifted pretty well in the competition but I got extremely stiff and sore.  After all this and the 3 hour ride I just stumbled out of the van and limped over to the stones.  As expected, the stones showed no mercy but somehow they both came off the ground after several attempts!  I lifted them twice just to make sure the first time was no fluke.  They weigh approx.  445 lbs. and 330 lbs., 775 total. In addition I lifted the small stone using a two finger grip.

My friend Steve Angell also lifted the stones in a very impressive manner.   Steve is from England and had just won the best lifter award at the IAWA competition for the second straight year.  He also has a very strong grip and has closed the #3 gripper.  Steve lifted the stones first which got me motivated and fired up otherwise I could have never lifted them.  He is such a great inspiration and a superb strength athlete.  He lifted the stones 5-6 times including at least 3 reps on one try.  Steve failed at the two finger lift but he actually lifted the small stone to chest level which I found very impressive.

Others tried to lift the stones and several succeeded in lifting each stone individually.

As the English would say:  These MAAAWsive stones were bloody heavy AND awkward.  It was well worth the trip to see these stones that I had read so much about.  I wish we would have had more time to see some of the other stones but we turned around and headed right back as several lifters had to catch flights out of Glasgow.

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Awesome job Kevin!!  Congrats on the wins in the contest, and lifting the stones.  Truely animalistic perfomances!  

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Congratulations on de-earthing the Dinnie Stones!

For accuracy, this excerpt from Webster's book on

Donald Dinnie, page 152:

"The most recent weighing, in 1998, showed the

stones are now 321 and 413-lb. This weighing was

to ensure accuracy for granite replicas commissioned

by Gordon Dinnie."

Also congratulations on your contest victory!

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Guest 77-1005097254

Kevin. I can't believe it! you live thousands of miles away and you still beat me to those Dinne stones. I should be ashamed of myself living no more than 100 miles from the stones in Fife. AND being a Scot to boot, well, part Irish really.

Seriously though, Very well done because in David Horne's own words those stones "take no prisoners".

I have been planning to have a go at them myself, but on the advice of David  have been trying to get ring handles made up to simulate the stones exactly.I have still been unable to get them made, so i think i'll just drive up the road and get stuck into them!

"Yir nae a true Scot tull yi luft yon staines." Yes,well i have already established that fact about myself.

Well done Kevin.

Cheers Michael.

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Yes I did get some pictures, mostly of the other guys but I did get a few of myself and hope to get some more from  the other lifters that were there that day.

After I finish corn harvest, I'll send some to Wannagrip to post in the gallery.

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