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barbell finger curls vs grippers


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I've been doing a modified version of Dave's basic program. In it he says to do the finger curls, and then to get a gripper later on.


Is that to say that the finger curls are for beginners? Or is it something else? What are the pros and cons of each?

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You'll have to ask the man himself why he recommends that.

If you ask me there's no reason to not train gripper if that's what you want to do.

You can also lift weights, never use lifting straps and yes, throw in some figer curls in your routine as well. Get really strong, then buy some grippers and start practicing with them. Either way you'll end up in the same place in about the same amount of time, regardless of how you do. If you go with the lifting-approach you will have a much stronger body however and you will probably be less prone to injuries. But that's just pure speculation, you can still get injured in your hands even if you have a lot of experience lifting. You will become much better at grip lifts that require more full body strength, like the DO axle, that's for sure though.

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I am a huge believer in finger curls and not so much in Grippers.  The added stimulus of supporting big weights in your hands will do something for you that grippers never will.  If a man would do Power Forearms and Finger Curls seriously for 6 months he'd have all the forearm and finger strength one would ever need.  At that point some specific implement development would accomplish most goals.

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