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question to David Horne

the swiss

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ok this question has probably asked to you a hundred times, but here goes again: how do you usually train, do you do a one exercise per day type of training? do you do any recovery exercises between workouts? do you also train endurance?

my point is not to copy your workouts (which would make no sense), but I am curious of what all these years of grip training have brought you to, knowing how good you are doing now even though you aren't that young anymore.

Also, I want to congratulate you for all what you are doing for the grip world (comp, mag, etc...) and for the inspiration you are to all of us grip trainees.

(continue to) train hard


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Over the years I've trained on a huge variety of grip exercises, and used as many different routines and rep/set scheduales that you can imagine. From a 100 reps to 1 rep. From timed training to isometric. From twice a day to twice a week. The list is endless. But remember to always have fun. Training is serious business but it should be enjoyable. I would advise that you change your workout completely every 12-16 weeks. Even forget totally events that you love and work on others that you dislike, you probably dislike them because you're not very good at them. With some good training these events can become strong points.

Other points that may help you, I found strap holds best for the coc grippers, enjoyed wrist curling daily, can only pinch once a week (unless I do a second with a towel over to protect my skin), etc. The list is endless, so start experimenting.

Hope this kind of answers your question, David

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David, you say you can only pinch once a week.  Why is that do you think?

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It tears my skin open between my thumb and finger, so with a cut and blood dripping this curtails pinching for a week or two.


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