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Pinching Progression

Guest Wayne Cislowski

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Guest Wayne Cislowski

At the moment I'm using 2 10kg plates & wanna move up to 2 15kg but at the moment all i can do is hold onto the 15 for about 2 sec, would it be best to keep going with the 15s

Thanks alot constantly lurking Wayne

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Guest woody36


         Constantly Lurking Wayne,

              place a bar through the middle of the two

 10kg and add  1-2kg at a time.Or as some others on

the board do pick the two 15s up with both hands

let go with the other hand and see how long you can

hold on.

   by the way Wayne dont just lurk join in theres a

 lot of knowledgeable people out there, and they

are always willing to answer sensible questions

 hope the pinch improves.


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I do a thumb exercise that helps me a lot with the pinch grip. I take a small spring clamp (kind of a mini gripper with 2" handles), fix it at a table edge, place my four fingers under the edge of the table and pinch the clamp with my thumb. Thumb strenght is very important in pinch gripping. You may try this exercise and see how it improves your pinching.

Keep training hard !

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Hi Wayne-

What I do to help get myself to pinching 2-35 lb. plates is to not pinch plates at all- for now.  I pinch with a 4x4 wood block, attached to a loading pin.  Sure, it's not the same material as a plate, but it is very easy to add weight in small increments.  The best part of it though is that I'm getting stronger and that's really the goal.


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