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Feats of strength

Guest girevik

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Guest girevik

I think I would like to choose a few feats that I am good at, and really learn them well, and practice them untill I am really good. Then maybe choose a few other ones, and learn them and practice them. Maybe I'll find one or two that I'll get good enough at to be well known for it, maybe get on Guinness World Records show. If I start now, while I'm young, you never know. But I am wondering how I should choose which feats to specialize in, and how to learn how to do them properly. Where could I learn to lever sledgehammers or bend nails? My father isn't around anymore, and I don't know anyone else who does things like that.

I'd like to have some feats I could do at parties, etc. It would be great if I got good enough at enough things to have a small strongman act, that I could do in the summer when they have street performers on the main street of my villiage. That would certainly beat the guy with the puppets!  :D

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Among the back pages of the grip board are dozens of

tips from those skilled at what you seek. Also see

Tom Black's log on the gripppage.

Also see the FAQ section for the grip articles

reference list. Perhaps we should list readily

available books there too because many of the

magazines listed are difficult to find and expensive

to buy.

In regard to what you should select to specialize-

you will probably have a feel for that after trying

certain feats; go with your strengths first, and

work on other matters as you go along.

Good luck, and since a new year is beginning, keep a record

book, even if you are not pleased with what you may deem

to be lower levels; you'lll later be pround to compare to those

numbers! Good luck!

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Also, as mentioned elsewhere there is Don Ross's and Bob Kennedys book MuscleBlasting which includes strength feat tips. Use the (force) search function...

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