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Check this out--Interesting #4


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I mentioned in ANOTHER THREAD that a grip enthusiast contacted me about identifying a huge gripper. That turned out to be a Tetting T14. He acquired this gripper and a few other from the estate of his friend Charles Biron. I have since learned that Charles had an account here at the GripBoard under the name @Chuckie B.. Some of you might recognize his posts. He was incredibly strong and competed as well.

This particular T14 has a 0.500" spring and one handle is stamped with 1500. My research shows that is kind of a mismatch. Most of the Tetting grippers associated with "1500" seemed to have been stamped T13. And I think the spring size 0.500" was more commonly T13. But this cool example was T14 and 1500. Here are a couple pictures. 

Next to a #4

In a collection

The T14 didn't even turn out to be the most interesting gripper. During our phone call I asked him about the older looking IM grippers I noticed in the photo. He said they were a #2, #3 and #4. Although it's hard to tell in the photo, the #2 is the only one with a clear center band and it's double-stamped. The #3 is also double-stamped but has "captains of crush" center bands but no "COC" on the handle ends. 

But the #4 is weird. It has the black spring and "captains of crush" on the center handle bands suggesting a relatively newer handle. However it is single-stamped! One handle end is completely blank and the other has just the 4.




How weird is that!? Can anyone think of another example like this? 


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1 hour ago, Cannon said:

But the #4 is weird. It has the black spring

It's probably double stamp from 2003-2005 period but with one missing "4" (according to this video 8:45)


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I have a double stamp 4 with black spring and "Captains of Crush" on the band, that 4 in your post must have been made during the transition to this style.


edit: just read up in the other threads you linked, I see mine was a 2003-2005, very cool.

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