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Choked GHP-10 and BB WC (285lbs/129kg RGC calibrated by Gil Goodman) closing

Ivan Pupchenko

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Actually, the background of these videos was that the clamps available to me, is very low quality. Even CoC-4 broke one. And the BB Pro - two and two more stopped working due to the destruction of the perforation ... I planned (and still plan) training with grippers on saturday, so I decided to check the remaining three clamps for strength.

It happens with me that after a hard working day I can not fall asleep. The head does not think at all after working with clients and does not interfere to the body. I literally feel the power, what pulsates in the muscles! Or maybe 10 years ago I hit my head on the asphalt harder, when flew out of the car during an accident, than doctor who treated me thought))) In general, after midnight I took out a vice and tried to put the GHP-10 in the clamp. As expected, gripper tore two clamps. I postponed the last one and sat down on the Internet - to look for more durable or puck with an inner diameter of 45-46 and 47mm ... I did not find anything that could come to me by mail until friday .. and closer to four in the morning I decided to test the last clamp ... and ... this one resisted. Moreover, not only with GHP-10 but also with BB WC  (285lbs/129kg RGC by Gil Goodman)...

When I cooked CoC-4 and BB Pro, I did not notice that the vice was not lubricated. And with these grippers, metal chips began to pour out of them. In addition, I do not have a suitable place for such work - I just put a vice on the sofa in the corridor of the apartment where I now live (I feel that if I dont finish these training with choked gripper, I will need to replace the sofa until the owner found, that I broke the old one). I hold a vice with the left knee and left hand, and the right twist the shaft. In general, while I put the clamps, I sweated and felt that my right hand is very good warming up))) And I could not resist trying to play a little with these grippers. Result is not so bad) I hope it will please those who know me personally or in the Internet, or will give a little motivation for training everyone who needs it! Good luck in training to all of you, to everyone who motivates me!

(And sorry for my fat unaesthetic belly in the frame. I gain a little extra weight at the stage of heavy training before arm wrestling competitions. I could not shot the closing myself so that the entire gripper was in the frame and the contact of the handles was clearly visible. Therefore, I filmed myself to show that there was no one else there and no one helped me with this holding a spring or something else!)





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Mind if I ask, what do you use for padding between the hose clamp and handles? And is there a certain level of hose clamp strength needed to not break?

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1 hour ago, Jared P said:


Mind if I ask, what do you use for padding between the hose clamp and handles? And is there a certain level of hose clamp strength needed to not break?

Thanks Jared! To be honest, when I started this training series, I thought - "I'll squeeze CoC-4 or maximum Pro and that's it! The rest of the grippers are too tight.." Now I see that... Damn, I close WC, using several approaches of twisting the shaft of vice as a warm-up, and three reps closing the GHP-10 for video before, and even without chalk.. I feel a reserve of strength, but as far as I know, this is the most powerful gripper in Ukraine. Igor Kupinsky has BB Universe (for sure) and a Thor (probably, I don't remember this for years) - but both of these can be ignored because of its hardness. I am doing the closing of the grippers now only as an auxiliary work in training and preparation for KK-23. With amplitudes of 5-10mm, I feel the transfer of power to the devices that will be at the tournament, but the wider ones will not - for me, these are closures for the sake of closures, and now I don't want to waste much resource on them. But heavier grips are not available to me.. In general - I'm in a "creative dead end"!...

Now for your questions - for laying under the clamps, I use a medical patch on a textile basis. Because its material is very durable - stronger than textile on textile-insulation tape for plumbing and installation work. And what is more important - material is denser with a smaller distance between the threads. This is important for safeting the handles and knurling, because due to this and very high-quality glue that does not soften from the heat of the hands, the layers do not shift to each other. The layers of fabric tightly enter the space between the "pyramids" of knurling, and then, having filled it, they lie on top, and even under such an effort, the clamp cannot damage knurling. The layers of the patch take the form of a clamp and a knurling and do not allow the choke to shift when handles changes angle during closures. With a thinner patch, I also grabbed the edges of the clamp so that the skin did not fall into the space between it and the handles, but with such an amplitude it was not necessary. (but this must be done NECESSARILY - grippers such a force will simply bite off a piece of skin of the hand, like scissors, and not press it like a lighter CoC-4. Only answering your question, I realized that in a kind of state of passion, I neglected safety precautions and it could end up losing the ability to train for several weeks!) ... The patch is made of fabric of different densities - the maximum is needed. The one in the video is only a little younger than me and was produced in the late 80s in the USSR. I found a skein of only slightly yellowed when cleaning the apartment where I now live - but it still sticks, has not dried out and has only turned a little yellow... To safety such a sharp knurling as on SG, GHP or BB, about 6 tightly stretched layers are needed...

Clamps. The ones on the video are nounames from the plumber's shop. But there are practically no others in Ukraine now. The purchasing power of the population has fallen, and even these 0.5USD are quite expensive.. They are claimed to be made of W1 steel, I have never studied metallology or "resistance of materials", and I do not remember the parameters of this brand, but even I see that it is not steel at all, but simply not a hardened alloy. Perhaps by chemical composition it is the same brand, but not exactly hardened. If you do not hold clamp lock with pliers during clamping, the tape will deform as if it  made of ordinary tin... On ukrainian market was (now it is rare, or used samples are available, often taken from some inventory that came to Ukraine as help) "TORK" clamps, turkish or british made. They are made of W1...W4 steel and wider - 14mm (the ones on the video is 9.5mm). In addition, their locks are of a more durable design. A very strong clamp tape with a yield strength 1.5 times higher than the values defined by the european standard DIN 3017 (up to 400 N/mm2). According to user reviews, the strength of these clamps is at least twice as high as conventional nounames, even with a tape of 8.5-10mm width. What makes it possible to use them on vibrating elements of agricultural machinery structures, although according to the nomenclature these are clamps for water hoses, and not power clamps! In the photo below you can see what happens with ordinary clamps. On some, when tightening, the lock breaks and the screw is unscrewed from it, instead of pulling the canvas. In addition, despite the fact that I take them of the same size, for pipes 40-60mm, actually the perforation of the thread on the tape begins at different distances from the lock. If the perforation hits the handle and goes to bend, covering it, then the tape simply tears, which is seen in the photo...



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