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Grettings and help with hardy hanshake


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Finally after months of lurking in this forum I gathered up the courage to post a question! I am overwhelmed by the knowledge and wisdom on this board from the likes of the immortal Tom Black,sybersnott,Dr. Ken Etc.. My question is  how can I use my hh  so as to prevent cheating,it is easy to lean forward while compressing thus making it easier! Thanx so much beforehand!!          

    JJ Aragon

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If I am right, I think that that is one of the reasons that machine is not very popular among people on the board.  Try sitting in front of a mirror with the machine at your side at the height whre you can only just get the handle down and watch to see you are not leaning.

Just an idea, never tried it, but there is always a way round something.

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Have you tried setting it on rollers (or cylinders) so that if you lean into it, then it will just roll away from you?

Just a thought!

Train smart!

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I'm far from immortal.  Just a regular guy really.  Maybe Sybersnott is, like one of those Highlander guys :)   My log gives me good exposure for my slightly above average workouts, that is all.   Hard work will get you there.  

  I experimented once by pushing down on a scale the same as I might cheat on the Hardy Handshake, while kneeling on the floor, with my hand out to the side.  I found that my cheating was at best 50-pounds of pressure.  When I subtracted this off of my maximum strict close with the HH, it seemed very close to what I was doing with grippers at the time.   Attempting to close the HH from as far away as possible seems to reduce, but not eliminate, the cheating effect.

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