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Jack delinger


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I noticed in my files that Jack Delinger and

Loretta Soper were married on Dec 18, 1949,

which was the year he became Mr. America.

That reminded me of the photo that appeared

of Jack performing the gymnastic movement of

the crucific, aka, the iron cross(I think), while

his youg son was hanging from his feet or ankles,

which is a sort of 'reverse' lever isn't it? Takes

some wrist strength. It was said that Jack, who

had short forearms, was measured at 14.5" straight.

If accurate, that would be a fantastic measurement,

but not the elusive 2:1 ratio because his wrist was 8".

As a bit of trivia, Jack died in 1992, three days after

Christmas, and Loretta had his Mr. America trophy made

into a lamp, and more recently was in the process of making his Mr. Universe trophy into a lamp.

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Guest tomykelly

I didn;t know Jack passed away to bad .

When I here his name I always think of a old picture of him sitting on a step drinking a quart of milk with John Grimek .Not to mention the sweater he had on ready to rip apart because of his muscular size !

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