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How long did it take you close grippers?


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So just a fun topic while I am at this posting spree😅

Wherever you are at this point, #1 through #3.5 and #4 (not many there).

How long did it take you to get to where you are and what can or would you like others to know, what mistakes did you make and what would you do differently?

Feel free to share, I’ll go first😁

Took me around 4-5 weeks to CCS and NS the #3 (Average), fast forward 3 months and I got less than 0.5 cm left on my #3.5 (Average).

My first mistake was doing too much and not letting my hands get enough recovery.

My second mistake was to not change things up and only focus on one thing and while that’s recommended… 

I’d say just slightly change things to keep it fresh and shock your forearm muscles a little.

So my main most important point is:

Find how many times/week works for you, rest your hands (most important) and of course, learn from the great ones and add to yourself :D

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I (based on deep setting)

4 weeks to #2.5 (average), then 9 months to #3 (average), 14 months to #3.5 (easy), 6 months to #4 (average)

While training for 2-3 years, I realized that having too much volume can actually be overtraining, and I am emphasizing that I do it consistently in a variety of ways.😁


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Well I started out being able to close a 1.5 with no training. I could do that for a few reps. Fast forward 2 years later and I closed a 2.5 today. When I first started I over trained and hurt myself for a few months. I got back in it for a month or so and barely closed a #2. Then I just stopped until about Thanksgiving of 2022. I've been training and I can close the #2 3 times. I have an advantage of having XL saved hands and being a plumber (try crimping a whole house worth of pex and you'll understand most plumbers have great grip strength).

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