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Paddy Haynes does 30 reps with the Inch


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Paddy has been coached by me for coming up to 2 years. 




Here you can see him perform 30 reps no tilt with the Holle 78kg inch in 2 minutes. Paddy just pulled 350kg or 770lb for a lifetime PR right before so as a result didn't lock his hips on all reps. You can see the grip is there, though.  


We both failed the Millennium dumbbell (you can see the size difference in this video). So, with what we can both do on the Inch, this goes to show how ridiculous it is. I then went and curled the Millennium off camera (word is bond). Those of you that have been around 2 decades or so will get this reference.

Thanks for watching and reading and have a fantastic Christmas. 




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Very impressive!

In case anyone is interested, here are the results of what I imagine is the best gathering of Inch Lifters for the identical challenge in a judged contest. I was fortunate enough to witness it, and wrote an article on it in the June 2013 issue of MILO Magazine:

- January 20, 2013

- FitExpo Visegrip Viking Challenge, Los Ángeles, CA

-12 competitors, of which only 5 were able to deadlift the Inch

-Last event in the. competition 

-The event was to see how many times the Inch could be deadlifted in 120 seconds

-Two years earlier Andrew Durniat had done 17 at the inaugural contest

- Chad Woodall had 6

-Odd Haugen, 22 lifts at Age 63

-Mark Felíx, 23

-Andrew Durniat, 30

- Mike Burke, 37

Durniat’s were definitely stricter and mostly higher than Paddy’s. Still, the numbers and guys involved give one a good idea to measure how impressive the feat is…

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