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I recently got to do a hand lab in grad school (physical therapy) & got a chance to play with Theraputty for the first time. It's basically adult play-dough with antimicrobial properties specifically for hand therapy. You can shape it into any shape and do exercises with it - there's specific exercises you can do if you're focusing on one thing, but for in general active recovery for grip you can really do anything.

Some movements that I noticed I was extremely weak in since I never use them for anything are abduction & adduction of digits 3 & 4, also adducting digit 5 could be a bit better. You can turn it into any shape (which uses more muscle for active recovery) to set it up for whatever movements you want - roll it into long tubes to wrap around your fingers, crush it, extend your fingers against it etc. Very fun. Different from bands or stress balls cause you're not just doing reps over and over of the same thing, you're actively re-shaping it to set it up for different movements. Pretty cheap on amazon, 4 oz was I think like 12 dollars.


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My buddy uses it after Armwrestling practice and swears by it. I used it for a bit and I don’t hate it nor do I love it. I think I still prefer using a rice bucket for recovery. 

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