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Ukrainian National Para-Armwrestling Championship 2022

Ivan Pupchenko

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Last week, I participated in National Ukrainian Para-Armwrestling Championship. The competition was held in the small mountain town Volovets, which is located in the Carpathian mountains... So in addition to the medal for my won class, I got the opportunity to admire amazing for me nature for several days, as for a plain resident!

I can tell a lot about these people and these competitions. But the most important thing is that if ever come to your mind that you have something bad in life, something does not work, if you think that nature has deprived you of something - look at these people. Look at how they rejoice in life, despite the fact that one of them has no arms, legs, no fingers, their eyes do not see or do not hear their ears, or they do not control their body movements due to cerebral paralysis or other diseases of the spinal cord or brain. Look at how they overcome all difficulties and go to their goals, living in life fully. And you will understand that you have no problem at all. Neither with health, nor in personal life, nor financial.

I managed to spoke with many of the participants. And I was surprised to learn that ... that many of them were born healthy people. And then something happened. Someone lost his eyes or limbs in a car accident or during an accident on workplace. Someone hit an electric current. There was a stroke with someone. One man, in primary school, fell during the game. Came home absolutely normally, ate and went to bed. And in the morning he woke up with paralyzed legs. The second was bitten by the snake, and there was no antidote in the hospital. To save his life, doctors had to amputate his leg ... There are many reasons, as much as people ...

Therefore ... Be grateful for the fact that God or fate give you. Treat this carefully and do not complain about the little things. Do not look for excuses for yourself when it seems to you that life sets impossible tasks for you, and go to your goals no matter what!




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Just now, Blacksmith513 said:

This is incredible. Thank you for sharing.

I'll happy if it will be interesting to someone!

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Thanks for sharing the pics and the details about the people. Definitely makes one think about certain things.

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