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Ring and Pinky Secret for mad grip?


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Good day lads and lasses, so here we are again . .

So while almost closing the #3.5 within 2 months after closing the #3 with both no set and ccs set.

I thought about the ring and pinky fingers for heavy grippers, atleast for the past week or so..

I have another theory of mine and there might be something about MM closes when it comes to ring and pinky strength to close the last bit of a gripper.

It all makes sense to me, that’s were the struggle is at and that’s where the ring and pinky comes in.

Do more of what’s hard and get better at it is the theory..

Yes this is my theory but, I’d love for you more experienced people to explain how the MM training works and to be more specific…

Thing I’d like to know before trying out my theory:

1. Sets & Reps

2. Difficulty of Gripper 

Thanks in advance, hope ya’ll found this interesting and yes I am fairly noob when it comes to the MM phenomenon😂

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Twisting a dumbbell causes a painful cramp in the pinky side under my wrist. I see a muscle pop up sometimes there. That should help. One direction it uses index and middle more, the other uses pinky and ring finger heavily (especially since the thumb does not provide support). Based on the mechanical logic of it I think dumbbell twists (I use speed and a 12 lb DB since the momentum is important) are probably best for developing the weaker fingers.

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