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Sybersnott was wrong

Guest MasterofIron

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Guest MasterofIron

I has been reading a lot of stuff by Sybersnott lately and found his tip about talking to the grippers to

be interesting. I been having troubles with the Ironmind number two so I thought help is in need.

Heres what i did.

First i picked up the gripper and gently asked it if it would mind if i closed it. then i try. not even close. ok I thinks, maybe the atmosfere isn't right. So i go and pick up a copy of Elvises Love me tender. I put the record on and try to sweet talk the gripper. again asking if it would mind if i closed it. i try. Not even close. actually worse than the attempt before. i start to get mad. I pick up a wad of Benjamin Franklins and wave it in front of the gripper. I tell it can have all the sweet money if i can close it. i try.  I can't even budge the handles.

now im starting to get mad. i start to threaten the gripper. i try. i still cant budge the handles. now i insult the gripper as badly as i can. i try. i cant even pick up the gripper.

finally i get so mad that i throw gripper away.

and i train everyday my grip and make good gains.

i hate people who say i should only train twice a week.

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I see what you've done wrong.  Did you ever think to say that one little word......... please?  I beg and plead my grippers, I mean really grovel.  Works on most, I seem to be appealing to all but the #4.  Maybe try that, or you could always try to get them drunk.   ???  Slip a little Jack or Jim in with some spring oil and watch out!!  

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MasterOfIron (?),

I can immediately identify your problem!  You didn't bring it a dozen roses and a box of chocolates!!  That and you didn't kiss it goodnight.  I'm really surprised you didn't..... forget it - I was going for another good joke.  :)

Um.... when I said to "talk to your gripper".... I DIDN'T mean "sweet talk"!!  This isn't your girlfriend.... THIS IS A GRIPPER!!  That gripper is "your enemy", and you should treat it as such!!  THIS IS GRIPPER WAR - AND YOU HAVE CAPTURED THE ENEMY!!

Let's get this straight - you are really talking to yourself, trying to convince YOURSELF that you are going to close that gripper!  

Questions:  can you close a Trainer?  Can you close the #1?  How much grip training ARE you doing right now?  Unless you are close to closing the gripper, all the talk in the world isn't going to help you.  This technique will work, but given what you have told me.... you're not even remotely CLOSE to closing the #2.  You need to concentrate more on your training now - and you can tell that to your gripper!!  :)

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