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GROWING WRISTS the neglected area


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Hello it is 6.5" wrists Dylan here to give a useful pointer.

Closing a weak plastic gripper on the lowest setting with my fingertips while wrist is curled-in is next to impossible for me. I can reach within 3 mm on the 1.5 CoC crushing normally, in comparison.
I struggle on one of the lowest settings when crushing further up fingers (normal position) and with wrist bent.

The angle hits everything that is neglected extremely well.

I recommend it.

If it is targetting my tiny wrists extremely well. If I am extremely weak at it and have 6.5" wrists; while crushing the normal way is much easier. . . . if my wrist extension max is like 25 lbs. . . then this is good for wrists. It strained my slender fingers pretty well too so it's good for that as well.

With this I think all that want larger wrists and overall useful development will benefit.

I can punch the ground in a plank position, rapidly, not breaking my wrists. I'm 200 lbs with somewhat strong arms.
My knuckles and wrist are fine in the straight position.

It is just this bent wrist crush and pinch that is difficult.

o k

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better title
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On 11/3/2022 at 8:34 PM, Dylan said:

No one jumping for Raptor Tek™ ? Claw Hand Ancient Method©?


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