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I couldnt believe it

Guest simon lodge

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Guest simon lodge

Hi all

I went to my local gym today I took  numbers #1 & #2 & #3 coc grippers to the gym Ive been training with one of the strong men who has entered the Highland games in the past I gave him # 3 coc to try, thinking this will get him. He had no warm up he just went to close it on his first attempt my eyes nearly fell out of there sockets he got it down to about the thickness of a match away from closing it.


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Guest Russell Latterman

That's really impressive.  I've also heard about people from the highland games having a very strong grip  Was it a new #3, or one from a few years ago.  The older ones are a lot harder.

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Guest simon lodge



  This happened down my local gym, I go to which is called stans gym in  uk essex the mans name is lee chatman, while speaking to him he has been in events with Jeff capes and also Bill kazmaier he did a 620 bench press also he did 32 reps with 300 pound non stop, also we have a bloke called mike Joeseph down there who holds a world record, he has just  got the world title for his weight, in  three events, bench press, squate,deadlift he is only 12 to 13 stone and he does 420 bench press 500 deadlift also 400 squates, they add all three events together in points, and also he hold the bench press title as a seperate title. Im waiting for him to come back from the contest so i can ask him to have a go with the coc grippers.


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Guest simon lodge



   I was looking around the net and chatting to another gripboard member named Had, we got talking about powerlifting and he found mike joeph's web page, this is one of the blokes i was wrighting about who go to my local gym, im going to see how he gets on with my grippers when i next see him number  # 1 # 2 # 3.


World Drug Free Bench PressChampion 2000

. .

Mike Joseph is a relative newcomer to the world of competitive powerlifting, not that you would realise that from the results that he has produced.

Mike is one of the few great drug free benchers in the world and set british and european records in his first competitive year. Now looking for a more allround powerlifting result he is now competing in all lifts and is sure to produce similar great results. His main goal of this year is to finally reach that seemingly unreachable goal of a 200kg bench at only an 82.5kg bodyweight - I am sure that this will be acheived and will be justly deserved.

More Information about Mike:

NAME: Mike Joseph

AGE: 29

DATE OF BIRTH: 23/07/1971

SPORT: Powerlifting

ACHIEVEMENTS: British Bench Press Champion 1999, 2000

Overall British Champion 2000

European Bench Press Champion 1999, 2000

Overall European Champion 2000

World Bench Press Champion 1999, 2000

Overall World Champion 2000

British and European Bench Press Record

at 75kg body weight, 172.5 kg bench pressed

(raw power & equipped)

British and European Bench Press Record

at 82.5 KG bodyweight, 190 KG bench pressed

(raw power & equipped)

AMBITIONS: To break the current World Bench Press Record

of 197.5 KG currently held by Clinton Smith

from USA and to retain my current titles.

I am also looking to continue progressing in the

powerlifting events (squat, bench& deadlift

combined) and to break as many records in

these events as I can.

I take great pride in the fact that I lift for a

strictly "Drug Free" organization the "British

Drug Free Powelifting Association" which is an

affiliate of the "World Drug Free Powerlifting

Federation" and as such at least 10% of lifters

are drug tested at each event as well as out of

competition testing. To date I have been drug

tested 6 times including out of competition tests

and hope that this goes some way to dispelling

the myth that you need to take drugs to succeed.

CURRENT TRAINING: 4 Training sessions per week. Day one =

Chest/Back. Day 2 = Shoulders/Biceps. Day 3 =

Legs/Triceps. Day 4 = Abs/Deadlifts/Cardio

DIET: 40% Carbs, 40% protein, 20% fat.

SUPPLEMENTS USED: I take progain and cyclone for 2 months and

then have a month off.

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