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Wrist extention vs finger extention, what's the difference?


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So what's the difference? I do have the rubber finger extension web, feels like it trains different muscles to dumbbell wrist extensions.





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I'm no anatomist but I believe the finger extensors are their own muscles separate to the wrist extensors. 

Reverse wrist curls will actually stimulate the finger extensors as well though, statically, as they are required to support the bar as the wrist makes its motion. 

I actually think reverse wrist curls plus something like rolling up a sheet of newspaper or rice bucket training is adequate for the finger extensors unless you really need to dial in for something specific.

I incorporate an odd exercise with an empty bar where I kind of put pressure on the bar with my thumbs (as though I was trying to bend it, in a double ulnar deviation) and roll it back toward me, repeatedly, with the fingers and thumbs. This seems to fry them but in being a bit unconventional would require a demonstration. 

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I've never done wrist curls, but many people swear by them/reverse for general wrist strength. Finger extensions are good for pre-hab. I don't think they need to be a goal or anything to work too, but keep working them to balance things out. 


Just look at the diagrams you posted. It says it all right there.

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