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More discussion about hand size increase from grip training


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Main point of thread at bottom for those who dont want to read


I found this article from a guy i know from height increase(which is possible)



It has some interesting studies and opinions about hand increase but i found one quote that relates to this forum.



Loss of bone length in the metacarpals by subchondral resorption is consistent with documented reductions in activity levels and grip strength with age, as well as diminished joint spaces which alter loading of the joints."


 You could elevate HGH levels which increases both bone formation and resorption thus allowing you to safely lower osteoclast levels.  HGH would also increase the rate of the growth so it could occur in a reasonable time frame.


This is proven by @AdamTGlass who wrote, he got it from years of grip training which includes a level of HGH from exercise



my hands measured 7&7/8” long but now left is 8&3/16 and right is 8&3/8


He jumped from in cm from about 20cm to 21.27cm. That is in the right hand but not left hand so i guess training both is best.

This is more then one "size" which is a cm when meassuring gloves






everyone wants to say "you cant be taller" "you cant get bigger hands", but i think we can change much more of our human body with some actual understanding of the mechanics of the human body


I am planning on taking mk677 + exercising in general + bonesmashing(the wrist) + (k2,d3,protein,calcium) + grip training, This is to increase my hand and wrist 


So what kind of knowledge or results have you guys seen, not only with length but things like thickness of the hand and stuff like that also the wrist and general bones of the arm for that matter.

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I think I read somewhere, David Horne said his wrist got a little bigger using the Wrist Developer. But dont quote me on that. I'm the lightest i've been in quite a while, but one of my slides for my guitar wont slip easily over my finger anymore. So something got a little bigger  

Don't get hung up on this stuff though... Enjoy the ride, work out, stay consistent , stay injury free, and have fun, .....Don't work out just to make your hands bigger.  Do it  because it makes you a better person everyday.  

I don't know what the hell mk677 is, but if thats a steroid or something.. Screw that, and I don't know what bone smashing is but screw that.  Doesn't  that  steroid sh#t make your jawbreakers shrink?   

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I've personally noticed the external diameter of my wrists increase along with finger thickness, The pulleys in my fingers have slightly thickened from grip training, In my personal opinion you don't need all that other sh*t, You just need to train dilligently and train often, Remember with the strength comes growth, Your body adapts to forces that are applied to it, And if you're imparting ever growing amounts of force on bodyparts designed for force transmission, They're gonna grow, Its that simple

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A couple of years ago I wore a watch daily that fit extremely loosely - which was intentional, so that I could transition it up or down my wrist without assistance depending on the activity I was doing at work. Yesterday I put it on for the first time since then and I was shocked to discover that it was now tight on my wrist, and didn't move at all. My wrists have grown in size substantially purely through gripper, forearm, and weight training.

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Yes experience the same thing. I think Jed Johnson Prove this fact in his bone density project

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I think grip still comes down to how one is wired up nervous system wise like all strength feats.  There are freaks in all things physical that can be head scratchers with a "omg."  Yes, both bigger hand size AND this wiring will of course be able to attain a higher level of performance IMO.

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Been grip training properly for around 2 years. Averaged out, 3 times a week has been the norm.

Been through a wide variety of exercises including levering, torsion and gripping. 

Noticed a difference in forearm size of course, but the hand also. It's more subtle but definitely there. The muscles on the back of my hand protrude slightly when I clench my fist, and I distinctly remember that there was only one bump before, not three. 

The hand also feels thicker and is more square looking. The thumb has probably fattened up too but I can't remember what it looked like before. 

Another thing, I remember the metacarpals showing beneath the skin quite clearly, but now they don't. 

I am open to some of this being bias or wishful thinking, but I'm pretty convinced there have been small changes. It would make sense.

And I assume this will continue.

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