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Demo By Big Steve


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Ladies and Gentlemen:

This is my first post. I have been visiting and reading the forum posts for several weeks now but I had to describe a demonstration Steve McGranahan just put on at my office.

I had contacted Steve a few weeks ago asking for training advice on the COCs. He immediately reached out with some great advice and training tips. Today, however, Big Steve came to my office and put on a grip-strength and bending demonstration the likes of which I have never seen.

I brought in my new #3 and #4. Steve mashed the #3 for reps like I can barely accomlish with the #1. He then went on to bend, and one occaision snap, nails, spikes, adjustable wrenches, a craftsman box wrench, a steel bar, a horseshoe and anything else he could lay his hands on. Several other grip enthusiasts from my office came in to meet and watch Steve. They were completely amazed.

In addition to being a world-class strongman, Steve is a truly wonderful human being. He clearly derives an enormous amount of strength from his faith. It was one of the most amazing demonstrations I have ever seen. Steve, God bless you and your onging work in spreading the good works and good word of your ministery.

John Iannucci

P.S. we video taped most of Steve's feats of strength!

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its amazin to watch what he can do. he'll put a fire under you like no other. :rock

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John you are way too nice man. Thanks!

Gentleman of the GripBoard,

John is a man like no other I have every had the chance to meet.

I sat in awe of what a kind human being John is. He has been blessed with true brilliance.

How he uses this gift is to help others with the hard things in life.

For me it is knowledge which he spoke so generously. He has done more things than 3 man would take a life time to do and he is not done yet.

I will not share the talk we had, but I will tell ya'll this his word is gold to me.

I thank God for blessing me with a friend like John.

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Big Man

Its nice to know that some people can give you back,that which you yourself give out plenty of :bow:bow

Frienship,knowledge,inspiration,motivation the list is endless :D

As ive said before a BIG Heart inside a BIG Man :bow

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