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Nass And Ironmind


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NASS Will Host Rolling Thunder™ Competitions

The North American Strongman Society (NASS), which hosts the strongman competitions that lead the top American amateurs to IFSA-USA and the World's Strongest Man show, will be hosting IronMind® Rolling Thunder™ competitions starting with the first Pro-Card qualifier of the new season. Scheduled for December 6th in St. Louis, Missouri, The Monsters of the Midwest is a national qualifier for NASS, and it will include a Rolling Thunder contest that will allow anyone who would like to enter to qualify for the US amateur Rolling Thunder National Championships, which, for the first time, will be held in conjunction with the NASS National Championships. For full details on NASS events, and the IronMind Rolling Thunder competitions at NASS competitions in the 2004 season, check the official NASS web site: http://www.nastrongman.com/news/index.htm .


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Is anyone aware of the specs of the loading instrument that is used in the Rolling Thunder competition?

For example, loading pin size and weight, connection method from the RT to the pin, connection length, etc.?


Napalm Jedd

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An Ironmind Olympic loading pin is used. The handle is clipped directly to it with a caribiner. No chain is used. Only the weight of the plates is counted.

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as Old Guy said...and,if it is to be done as the Rolling Thunder PRO Nationals was done it will be a brand new,slick as snot,right out of the plastic wrapper,Rolling Thunder handle.

Also,if somebody has some influence??Call ahead and make sure they use calibrated plates OR simply have an accurate scale available to simply weigh the plates.

The Pro Nationals was a 'heads up'competition...some of the best in the world were there-and the placements were appropriate- however ALL that competed felt the plates were heavy and 'off'...and again that handle was slick as snot(not sybersnott)and apparently brought everbodies poundages WAY down.

Edited by Tom of Iowa2
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Thanks for the specifics, guys.


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