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2022 US Grip Championship Qualified Lifters

Jedd Johnson

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For the 2023 National Championship Qualified List, PLEASE CLICK HERE

2021 US Grip Championship

Jason Dingey

Dave Christopher 

Clint Ziegler 

Luke Raymond 

Mike Rinderle 

Chez Richezza 

Andrew Sasso 

Jedd Johnson 

Lance Moore  

Sarah Chappelow

Melissa Dingey  

2021 Empower House Challenge

Zach Mullins

Wayne Taylor

Jeremiah White

Tim Aanensen

2021 Gripmas in July

Addam Chaudoin 

Michael Wilfong

Jeff Walling

2021 Rocky Mountain Grip Sport Summer Squeeze

Steve Millard 

2021 Armhighland Gripstrongwrestling Powergames

James Retarides 

Steven Samaniego

2021 King Kong

Tanner Merkle 

Adam Glass 

Gil Goodman 

Joel Dircks 

Steve Millard 

Derik Hudson 

Bryce Johnson 

Nick Sanders

Michael Rogowski 

David Troutt

Mike Wilfong 

Jason Gillen 

Jeremy Everding 

Anthony Clarino 

2021 Gripmas

Tim Butler 

2022 WWGB

Andy Munsey FB

Jacob Whitaker 

Chris Kozelisky 

Grant Thompson 

Brandon Wilson

2022 Empower House Challenge

Shawn Kapusta 

Keagan Richards

Video Submissions

Josh Culpepper

Ross Hilton

Evan Norton

Nick Spencer


#3 Cert

Vinnie Rivellese

Ran GSI Sanctioned Event

Frank Chaudoin 

Chris Andrade

Chris Rice

Mike Saffel

Andrew Denhem

If you believe you may have been inadvertently omitted from the list, please let me know - jedd.diesel@gmail.com





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