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Acting Dumb.

Big Steve

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I was on my way to a show in Wilkes-Berre, Pa. I saw the Fitness Headquarters and stopped by to see if they had some protein bars to eat during my shows. (I was going to do a small show every 15 mintues for some kids coming by my friends home treak or treating. Then preaching to some homeless guys at another friends church.) Well to make a long story. They had some grippers (COC) hanging on the wall. The imp in me came out. It was hard for me to keep a straight face. I took the #2 and played with it. Then took the #3 off the wall and mashed it. Cake! While I waited a gentleman walked by and ask me for help. His name slips me. Very kind. I ask him what are these things. He said that only a few people have every closed the #3. He came back and I had it closed, grinding the handles trying not to laugh. He said hey what # is that. I bent my hand for him to look. He freaked out! No way he yelled! He told me to come over a show the owner of the store. Mushed it again. The owners mouth dropped and then smiled. I said what is going on. They said only one other person has done that in the store. Some kid named Jedd Johnson. The guy said I need your name I am going to call Dr. Strossens. I started laughing and with my best smile said I am on the list I was just playing with you guys. They laughed along with me. I told them that I meet Jedd and Smitty at the BFGS. I than repped it for a couple for good measure for some other guys and then let them try. I asked them if they wanted me to bend them a nail for them. Yes they replied. So I went to my car and got a 60d nail brought it into the store and let some beefy dudes try. Not even a kink. I took the nail double underhanded and like butter baby crushed it like a snack.

The store was one of the best stores I have ever been in top notch, class A. I talked with the manger and he wants me to come down do some feats of strength for the store clients one day. This grip stuff is fun to share!

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Another great story Steve! Sounds like just another day at the office for ya. LOL! :D

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A great story Big Steve. lol A new small hardware store opened up just down the road from my house. My wife and son were going out to get something or other so I asked them to stop by there and pick up some nails for me to practice bending on. Guy come over to help them asking them what they were looking for and they said nails but not sure what kind. He said what are you gonna use them for, my wife and son said to practice bending. He laughed so hard he almost spit his cig. out on the floor. Anyway they were looking at some 60ds I think the wife said. The guy said laughing yeah I'd like to see the man that can bend this!! My wife and son looked at each other and laughed well we know a man that can! lol He laughed even harder and said, "well ain't he just the man."

When they got home they told me the story and I told them man what I would give to walk back in up there with Big Steve. lol

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Great story.

You really make this whole 'Grip thing'very entertaining...which is what is needed to bring it to the publics awareness.

Your humor,your faith and your strength...strength with a smile i might add...is what the sport needs more of.

perhaps they'll get you on 'Ripleys believe it or Not'?or the: "More than Human"televison show...I suppose there are those that are stronger??but you bring an excellent 'mix'of power and entertainment to the table.

Thanks for all the updates and great posts.

Edited by Tom of Iowa2
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