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Vote For Nationals Location

Jedd Johnson

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I'm trying to collect contact info for Grip Sport into one singular location to vote on the location for Nationals this year.

1. If you've EVER competed in a Grip Contest

2. If you're planning on competing in Grip Contests once you're ready

3. And especially if you are interested in competing in the United States Grip Championship

If any single thing above applies to you, please email me - jedd.diesel@gmail.com

Again, please email me. Don't just post here.

Thank you

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The vote for the location of Nationals will take place this week.

I have put up the above post here on the Gripboard, on Facebook, on IG and sent out email newsletters.  I know there's way more people who should be voting in this poll.

With the help of Eric Roussin, I will be compiling a list of Nationals qualified athletes.


Please, if you haven't done so already, send me an email with the subject US Grip Championship, so I can get your info added and get you included in this process.


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Thank you to everyone who took part in the vote for the Nationals location.

We had 50 lifters vote.  Here's a breakdown:

Jedd: 52%, 26 votes

Nick: 32%, 16 votes

James: 16%, 8 votes.

I think no matter who won, Nationals was going to be an awesome contest with well-rounded events.

Now, my goal is to make this event the biggest US Grip Championship ever.

It will be held in a "festival" style venue, as part of at the very least an Arm Wrestling tournament, and possibly a Strict Curl, and by the time we get to it, there could be even more. So get ready to have a great time in an awesome environment of strength.

I'm also planning my event to be 2 days - with the normal type of National Championship contest on Day 1, and then on Day 2 the plan is to hold the first qualifier for the new grip season, as well as a Championship for Arm Wrestlers, Military/Police/First Responders, which includes women's divisions for both. Day 2 will most likely involve the Crane Scale to be able to put as many people through it as possible.

More info to come.  Thanks again!


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