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Ttk Form Question


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When I use the TTK I tend to roll my wrist inward at the close of the movement. To help draw a mental picture imagine you're holding a bottle in your hand and you turn it to the side to pour it out. This is the motion I make with my wrist when using heavy weights. If I don't do the twist the weight is so light it only feels hard at the close and nowhere else along the ROM. I was just wondering if I was cheating myself. Any suggestions?

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Are you doing the wrist roll to make it harder?

I don't think I could comment unless I saw what your doing.

I've noticed the TTK is very different depending on how you use it. Even the height of the table you put it on makes a difference, and that's if you use a table.

I showed Tommy H. the TTK and he really liked it. He noticed that if you lift the back up a bit (the part your holding on to) and squeeze it takes away any unintentional cheating.

It's a great tool, especially for heavy negatives.


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Are you doing the wrist roll to make it harder?

No rolling the wrist seems to help me lift more at the close, which is why I am worried I may be cheating myself.

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