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Left Pinch Stronger Than Right?


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Why can i pinch (hexagonal db, plates) heavier weights with my left hand?? When i'm way off with my right??

More importantly, how do i catch up with my right hand?


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I have found alot of inconsistency when it comes to how much I can pinch. It usually happens during a grip routine. I'll be stronger mid way through after getting a good pump going. Anyway to bring a bodypart up to par with the other, you have to train like its your only arm you have. Full force and intensity and focus. Don't slack off on your stronger arm either, that not the right approach. Good Luck.

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Same here. For crush my right hand is WAY stronger. Since I started working the Blobs I noticed my left is somewhat stronger for pinching.

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My left as strong but very close. I also don't really work my left much pinching. I think that it comes from setting grippers, using the thumb and the 1st 2 fingers over and over to set.

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I am right hand dominant. My right is generally stronger than my left. When I was training crush, I trained my hands independent of each other. This resulted in my right hand crushing power far exceeding that of my left.

Now that I am training pinch I am trying to avoid this unbalance. To do that I use my left hand as the throttle. I am hoping that this will allow my left hand to catch up to my right.

My only concern is that the off hand doesn't have as much potential as the dominant hand. If so, it will be impossible to fully develop my dominant hand while using this paradigm.

Though, I am not so sure that the dominant hand has more potential. It seems logical that both hands should be the same. If this is true, then it's only a matter of time before the off hand catches up.

Judging from several GB videos and pictures, it seems that many folks are equally as strong in either hand. Which means that it's only a matter of time before you no longer have a 'weak' hand. Given proper training of course.

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sammy - i had the exact same problem a while back where one hand was just so much stronger than the left, even though i trained both very hard and on the same schedule. I think alot of my weakness wasnt so much a lack of strength as it was lack of coordination and lack of dexterity. Years of doing every day menial tasks w/ my right hand got my body used to doing all hand activities right handed. So i started to change that and do things left handed...open doors LH, open a jar lid LH, write LH, throw a ball left handed, other...umm...uh...'activities' left handed :inno

And my brain/body became used to doing things left handed

After a while i became almost ambidextrous and as my coordination went up my strength went up even quicker.


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