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Ukranian King Kong gripsters on Ukranian Armwrestling Cup 2021

Ivan Pupchenko

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On December 15-18 this year, the Ukrainian Armwrestling Cup was held in the mountain town Volovets in Ukrainian Carpathians. Three participants of the Ukrainian King Kong 2021 venue - three prizers of this tournament, took part there and won medals. This is Ekaterina Ripchanskaya, who at the age of 17, became the second among adult women in the -72kg category on KK. At the Ukrainian Cup, she became the winner in -60kg  category on the right hand. In the autumn, she also took 3rd place at the World Armwrestling Championship on the left hand among juniors under 18 in -60 kg category. Evgeniy Vakula, who became the third in  -66kg on KK, became the third on the right hand in -65kg on Ukrainian Cup. And I, became 3rd in the category -105kg on KK, at the Ukrainian Armwrestling Cup became 3rd on the left and 4th on the right hand in -100kg. 
For me this is a very good result - to enter in the prizes from 14 people. I was additionally motivated by the fact that perhaps this was my last armwrestling competition, at least for the left hand, perhaps for a long period. Now I am preparing for several surgical operations, undergoing tomography and many other procedures. But, if my arm is not paralyzed after this, I plan to return to this sport. To fight in disabled and healthy class, at least with the right hand, although in the future the same medical procedures await her ... I really hope that sport achievements still wait for me, about which I want to write in this section of forum!.. 

Below I attach a video with those fights that I managed to find among tens of hours of the tournament broadcast and some photos. 




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