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I've reported little anecdotes in previous posts about how I've been playing with my grippers in my truck on a prettye much daily basis, nailed the two, blah blah. Well, I've been doing the ol' cheat closes with my 3, picked up a BBGM and a BBE as well (came yesterday?) well I finally played with the heavy ones enough to make my hands tired and sore to the point that I've managed to keep my hands off the big dogs today (although I did catch myself doing a few reps on #1 and #2, jsut because they were there. It kind of excites me a little bit, because this is the first time I feel like I've been able to pinpoint actual muscle soreness/stiffness (ala normal weight training) in my hands. Kinda feel like I've turned a corner. I think I'm gonna leave the #3 for a bit, focus on the BBGM and BBE for a month or so, then come back to the #3 and see if I've made any progress.

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I agree with Austin, my BBE is harder than my #3 (.281 compared to .293 wire size). Mike

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No, my BBE seems like it's harder. (I'll be honest, they're both bricks to me, so it's very tough to guage how much, etc) The sweep feels a bit different on the BBE (makes a bit of an easier set w/ the BBE). My GM is definitely easier than my #3, and my next goal is to close that. So what I'm attempting to do by putting the #3 away for a while and working w/ the BBGM and BBE is to come back and surprise myself, if that makes any sense. I'm not looking at the BBE as a stepping stone, just a change in my month old routine that will hopefully make the #3 seem easier when I come back to it sometime.

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