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Plate Width

Guest sheriff

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Guest sheriff

How important is the width of the plate(s) in pinch grip training?

For instance, would it be more beneficial to perform plate pinches or plate curls with 2 five pound plates instead of 1 ten pound plate? Does the plate width you use make a big difference in the development of your grip strength?

Also, when performing plate curls, is it advisable to perform every set to total exhaustion, or is this maybe overdoing it?

As always, thanks in advance.

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You should always use two plates if you pinch with plates. Holding two 25's together is harder than pinching a 50 pounds plate. You must apply a pressure not only to hold the plates from slipping down but also from slipping apart.

If you pinch a very heavy weight on a thin block (let's say 1 1/2 inch) you will develop tremendous strenght in the thumb. However, you must pratice the pinching on wider surface if you want to be able to pinch two 45's. The best way to train the pinch grip is to pinch on different width blocks or plates.

I don't perform plate curls very often but I suggest you do them to total exhaustion. The same thing goes on every exercise in your training program, grip and weightlifting. Always push yourself to the limit then go over it.

Train hard and see the results.

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