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Short steel braced bending

Ole' Puller

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IMG_20211030_083755_459.thumb.jpg.241dee2d37fda32387a20b5bf6d0da84.jpgIMG_20211030_083755_494.thumb.jpg.d0a861626038e2e3074d97dc8e1e3caf.jpgIMG_20211030_083755_504.thumb.jpg.b3db9a92158e61280b0c038fd27887e4.jpg"Braced Bending"
• 11/32 x 7 CRS
• FBBC Duke Of All Bastards (DOAB)
• Leg crush only
• Double wraps and crush pads

"So... A year ago I attempted to brace bend the DOAB .. Sadly enough I got a 6° kink out of it and said to myself "dude, you better stop watching @doncummingssteelbending videos on YouTube!" Needless to say, I figured I'd return to have another go some day. So, this morning I was digging through my stock and came across this hardly dented nemesis and decided to put an end to this rivalry. I was actually hoping to have smooth sailing like I did with last week's Golden Bastard braced bend and snap but things didn't quite go that way! Since I planned to rely solely on the leg crush, I threw on some double wraps and went to work. Quarter inch by quarter inch it shrunk down to less than a 2 spread. Afterwards I said TO HELL WITH THE SNAP, NEXT TIME! Fortunately though, I do have another untouched DOAB that I will certainly set my sights on brace bending and snapping in the future. Before I end this write up, let me say HUGE RESPECT to those benders who have bent this bar UNBRACED BY HAND!!! As well as HUGE RESPECT to Triple D Dan Dring from the UK who brace bent and snapped this same stock in single wraps in I believe 19 or so minutes, the only person to have done so thus far .. HUGE RESPECT!"

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I stand corrected .. "Triple D" Dan Dring brace bent and snapped the DOAB in 7 minutes 19 seconds in single David Horne wraps! Incredible!🤙

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