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Super Gripper


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I really like the ISG but I have to admitt I do the majority of training with the coc's . I think it's mainly because the ISG feel is different. I think the coc's train you to squeeze harder and harder because the force increases as you move the handle closer to shutting. Whereas the isg is more linear in force although to me it feels like it increases at near shutting as well.

Basically the ISG is great if you don't have a zillion coc type grippers to use. If you do buy one you'll have to put some athletic tape on the handle and use lots of chalk the beast is slippery in the hands.


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Yup. IMO, it's better than buying 5 CoC grippers because you can adjust the resistance through baby steps. I think that the supergripper on its hardest setting is tougher than a #3, and if you get a third spring (or fourth spring if your name is Gorilla Hands), you can really pile on the poundage.

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It is a great tool.

Go ahead and get one my friend.

Just make sure you put athletic tape on the handle.

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