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Very interesting workout


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Last night I had the pleasure of experiencing my second training session with Dave Horne and it rendered some interesting results.  

Dave invited me to train at his gym after he introduced me to grippers about six weeks ago.  Before that I had never even thought of training my grip and had not really been training with proper intensity at the 'leisure gym' I was attending.  

As a result of the training sessions that I've had with Dave I am now well aware of the meaning of intensity and what a proper gym looks like.  I have been exposed to a number of different grip exercises from the weaver stick to plate curls to the one handed dead lift and I have to say that I am now thoroughly addicted.

Last night after a particularly gruelling workout I started playing around with Dave’s plate loading Inch dumbbell replica.  After increasing the weight in increments I decided to attempt 80K (176lb) (close to the weight of the original?).  Initially I attempted the lift with my right hand but was barely able to scare the dumbbell.  However, I then proceeded to lift the dumbbell to knee height with my left hand.  I was obviously both amazed and ecstatic.  I do not know that much about grip training but I am well aware that this is a feat to be proud of.  

The point to this post is that if it wasn't for this page, the people that post on it and people like Dave educating people on grip training I would still be 'playing’ with the weights at my local gym with no idea how satisfying and interesting this sport really is.


(Edited by jim at 12:37 pm on June 20, 2001)

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Congrats, that's some big weight.  

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Guest scotte

Great to see you enjoying 'Proper' lifting Jim and you couldnt have a better coach.

What do you think of Liz?  Strong isnt she!!  Challenge her to an arm wrestle on Friday (if you dare)  :)

Keep going and myself and Marso will enjoy seeing you on the 28th

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Guest Silverback


I've been reading some of the history surrounding the inch dumbbell. Tales abound of various strength merchants training for years before they could lift it, some only managing to raise it by a couple of inches from the floor. Making knee height on first ever attempt must therefore be an outrageous feat by any standards.

Good work.

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You have expressed an interest in the British champs in one of your previous posts - do you still intend to enter?


You're right, Liz is very strong. I think I'll pass on the arm wrestle challenge thanks!

How's the training going for yourself and Marso?  

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Guest Marso


Congrats on your progress.  The 28th is shaping up to be good fun.

My training has been going extremely well until last week when I hit  a bit of a wall and strained the fingers on my right hand.  Just had a week off so I'm hitting the weights tonight. Do my grip work after my main workout.

Going for a 10.5kg plate curl

75kg 1HDL (3" handle trying to mimic the  Rolling Thunder)

Only been training for the comp for two months but I'm addicted to grip work now (it's all Scotte's fault ).

Look forward to meeting you on the 28th.



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