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Closed the bb master gripper!!


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I closed the BB Master gripper with my right hand for the first time yesterday. I've had it since March 2002 and I've been fairly close for about 4 months. I think what made the difference is that I began to specialise on the grippers for the past month. I concentrated on negatives for the first three weeks using the Master and the No. 3. During the fourth week, I trained with my plate-loaded, floor model grip machine (a replica of Joe Kinney's).

Thank you Wannagrip and Sybersnott for their posts. I realise that variability is one of the keys.

I think that my Master gripper is not as hard as Tom Black's because I still can't totally manhandle my No. 2. The No. 3 is still a long way off for me.

Has anyone tried the calibrated grippers from PDA? I'm interested in purchasing two calibrated grippers which fall between the Master and the No. 3. I live in Trinidad so it's a bit difficult and costly to send my grippers to PDA for calibration and I'd really appreciate some advice on a range which would help me bridge the gap to the No. 3.

Thank you.

Chester Beeput

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Nice job CJ, hard work definitely has it's rewards.  My #2 is 292 IP.  I wouldn't call what I do "man-handling", probably just "handling".  I originally wanted to order a BBM, but who can pass up a calibrated, seasoned PDA SOS??  I just ordered a Class III, and requested 340-350 IP.  I'll let you know how it compares to my #2 and my uncalibrated #3.  


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I am very close to close the #3. I ordered a 335 in/pounds SOS class III from PDA and I sould have it pretty soon. Timed holds and strap holds with this gripper should help to dig that last fraction of an inch missing on the #3.

These days, I train hard on negatives with the #3. I do these once a week and work on my #1 daily for positionning automatism and speed work. I also do some overcrushes.

I suggest to get a PDA gripper instead of a BBM. With the PDA gripper, you know what spring pressure you're working on.

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Congratulations, cjbeeps!  

I agree with Tau.  I'm still working on being able to consistently close a Master that PDA rated at 330 in-lbs. This is a good "in-between" gripper between my COC #2 & #3, but I got lucky. I suspect that most Masters are lower than this - with a gripper from PDA you'll know exactly how much force it takes to close the gripper.

Train smart!

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I applaude you... you actually listened to what I said!  :)

Negatives have worked for you, and that's good.  For the remainder of your training, I would say concentrate on the machine and only the machine.  See what happens.... when I started doing this, my gains went through the roof!  It might work for you, but be careful, because those negatives (if they are HEAVY) really hurt.  Don't worry - you'll live.

If you've closed the BBM, the #3 is knocking on the door.  Train hard.  Any other questions, feel free to ask me by either posting here or e-mailing me directly.  Congrats again!  :D

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