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Dead Hang Advice


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I am wondering when to progress to single-arm dead hangs.  Currently I can dead hang double overhanded for about 1:40 at a bodyweight of 86kg.

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10 minutes ago, SeanGecko said:

Not trying to be a smart ass, but how does one train "max strength" using hangs?   

Adding weight to yourself by belt, backpack etc...

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1 hour ago, WestSlope said:

Typically max strength for hangs is measured in short duration hangs with added weight if possible. Track your 3 or 5 second max effort hang with whatever load you can bear.


2 hours ago, Stephen Anderson said:

Adding weight to yourself by belt, backpack etc...

I have no idea why but it never occurred to me to hang for sub-max times with added weight.  I do weighted pullups so the concept isn't foreign to me, but it just never entered my brain.  It makes perfect sense now that I hear you guys say it.  It reminds me of the difference between doing a 3 minute elbow plank versus doing a 10 second all-out RKC plank, TOTALLY different. 


Thank you for the replies! 

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